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Pins & Aces - Not Your Average Golf Brand.

The project aimed to revitalize the Pins & Aces website, infusing a fresh design and user-centric approach to elevate the brand's online presence. The goal was to create a visually engaging and intuitively navigable platform aligned with the desires of golf enthusiasts.




NOV 2023


The mission: breathe new life into Pins & Aces online, fusing modern design with user-centric flair to soar to new heights in the digital golfing realm. Our aim: craft a visually captivating, effortlessly navigable space that resonates with avid golfers.

Project Stages

1) Discovery (Sitemap): Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing Pins & Aces website, identifying opportunities for improvement. Developed a detailed sitemap to strategically organize the content, enhancing user flow and accessibility.

2) Creative Pitch: Presented two distinct creative directions to Pins & Aces, reflecting unique visual themes for the website. Collaborative discussions revolved around how each direction would impact the brand perception among golf enthusiasts.

3) Mockups with Two Different Directions (2 Concepts Approach): Crafted detailed mockups showcasing the chosen creative directions. These visual prototypes highlighted key design elements, color schemes, and layout variations, aiding in the decision-making process for Pins & Aces.

4) Designing Website's UX/UI: Focused on refining the user experience and interface, introducing improvements such as enhanced search functionality, streamlined navigation, and layouts tailored to the desires of the golf community. Design decisions were informed by insights gained from over a decade of garment manufacturing and understanding the needs of avid golfers.

Results and Impact

The redesigned Pins & Aces website has received positive feedback from both the brand and early user interactions:

  • Increased user engagement through improved search and navigation features.
  • Positive reception to the updated aesthetic, resonating with the brand's identity.
  • Improved conversion rates and heightened user satisfaction based on initial analytics.


The successful collaboration between design and development teams resulted in a visually appealing and functionally efficient website for Pins & Aces. This project exemplifies the effectiveness of a user-centric design approach in meeting the unique needs and expectations of the golf community.

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