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Luimoto - Bespoke Motorcycle Seat Covers.

Luimoto is a website that sells custom made motorcycle seat covers and accessories. Their products are designed to provide a more comfortable and stylish ride for motorcycle riders. The website offers a wide range of seat covers, tank pads, and other accessories that are available in various colors and styles to suit different preferences.





Design Direction

The primary objective of the redesign was to create a modern, visually appealing, and user-friendly interface that effectively showcases Luimoto's products. The design direction can be summarized as follows:

Clean and Minimalist Aesthetic

The website adopts a clean and minimalist design approach, emphasizing simplicity and elegance. This design choice allows the products to take center stage while ensuring a clutter-free user experience.

Motorcycle-inspired Visual Elements

To establish a strong connection with the target audience of motorcycle enthusiasts, the design incorporates subtle visual elements inspired by motorcycles, such as sleek lines, dynamic typography, and color schemes that evoke a sense of speed and excitement.

High-quality Product Imagery

To showcase the premium nature of Luimoto's products, high-resolution images were used throughout the website. These images are displayed prominently, highlighting the intricate details and craftsmanship of the seat covers and accessories.

Streamlined E-commerce Support

To optimize the e-commerce functionality of, the redesign focused on the following enhancements:

Seamless Product Listings

Product listings were organized in a grid layout, presenting a clear overview of available options. Each product listing includes key information such as product name, price, and color options, facilitating easy comparison and decision-making.

Intuitive Product Pages

Individual product pages were designed to provide comprehensive information about each item. These pages feature high-resolution images, detailed descriptions, customer reviews, and clear call-to-action buttons for adding products to the cart or wishlist.

Improved Search Functionality

Efficient search functionality is crucial for an e-commerce website like The redesign focused on enhancing the search feature to provide users with a seamless and effective product discovery experience:

Advanced Search Filters

Users can easily filter products based on various attributes such as motorcycle make, model, color, material, and price range. These filters enable customers to quickly find the seat covers and accessories that match their preferences.

Auto-suggestions and Quick Results

As users start typing in the search bar, the website provides auto-suggestions to help refine their search queries. Additionally, the search results are displayed in real-time as users type, allowing for faster exploration of available products.

Secure Checkout Process

The redesigned website incorporates a secure and user-friendly checkout process. Customers can review their selected items, apply discount codes, select shipping options, and complete their purchase with ease. The checkout flow ensures a smooth transition from product selection to order confirmation.


The redesign project aimed to enhance the overall user experience and visual appeal of the website. By adopting a clean and minimalist design direction, improving search functionality, and streamlining the e-commerce support, the redesign successfully creates an engaging and seamless experience for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for premium seat covers and accessories.

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